Sprint 2# - Adjustments in Tibia Boss Hunter and graphics fixes

2021-03-28 21:38:08


Another two weeks have passed, another sprint of work on my website has passed, so I wanted to share with you what I have managed to accomplish and what I plan to work on in the next sprint. As for the progress of the last two weeks - I've been working hard on the Boss Hunter fixes, graphics fixes and an introduction to positioning.

Mainly works in the area of ​​boss prediction consisted in refactoring the process of downloading entries from Kill Statistics, changes in the algorithms calculating the probability of occurrence and adding the possibility for potential moderators to edit what scanning bosses should download. w It was also possible to improve the schedule of starting the data scanning job, and added some safeguards in case of Tibia.com unavailability.

The second thing that went a little bit of energy was to collect all known errors in displaying elements on the page (also on mobile). The footer was built from scratch, the controller that supports carousels on the home page has also been improved, because in specific cases the button for changing the news to the next one was blocked. Of the smaller front-end improvements, I also added JavaScript to the World Select button security so that the first empty select button cannot be selected.


The entire changelog below:

- New way to download bosses for scanning

- Improved the algorithm calculating the probability of bosses

- Optimization of many queries and views retrieving the necessary data

- Internal hosting of boss photos

- Improved display of many items on the mobile version

- Minor graphic fixes on the table with the list of bosses

- Each page has a title

- Boss refresh time to fit the schedule

- Improve the footer

- Getting rid of broken links on the website

- Create a sitemap

- Addition of meta data

- Improved carousel operation on the home page

- Addition of SSL

- Adding a link to the API

- Minor JavaScript added

- Fixes in Job downloading data in case of timeout or unavailability of tibia.com

- Home page improvements, paragraph and paragraph creation

- Security and unit tests of new data validation mechanisms

- New url building system for each world.


I plan to make some tweaks to the boss prediction tool in the next sprint:

- data will be cached for 24 hours after calculation

- get rid of bosses that are hard to predict because they occur in many places,

- Job Failure Warning System


I encourage you to use and make suggestions on what to improve

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