All houses list

The view presents a list of all houses in the selected world

Select world

Select a world to see a list and statistics from a specific world data.

The tool is still in the early stages of development, so we marked it with the "Alpha" flag. We are constantly working on improving the tool and expanding it with new functions. If you see any bugs or inconveniences please report it using the "Report bug" at the top of the page.

  • We have made quite a few improvements to the data saving process. We are spending a lot of time on the processing speed of a large number of houses so that the data is available faster after the save server than it is now - currently it takes about 2 hours
  • We have clearly separated the sections with all houses from those with information on recent auctions to make the data easier to access
  • We have arranged the houses according to the cities in which they are. We have also added a filter to select the chosen city
    Known issues:
  • We are currently working on speeding up the 'All houses' tab and adding new functions to it
  • We want to add sorting by important columns in both houses tabs
  • We plan to improve the calculation of the average and median prices so that they also include bidding prices and not just prices from sales between players, as is currently
  • We have improved the saving of house sale information between players. From now on, we check whether the house really belongs to the new owner - if not, we delete the record of the sale of the house between players.
  • We have improved the way auctions are marked as ongoing. Previously they were not displayed and visible
    Known issues:
  • We are still not fully in control of the house rewriting process between players - we are looking at how to improve this and prevent false information from being recorded
  • We are still struggling with the loading time of the list of all the houses on a selected world. We are working on displaying this asynchronously along with the filters for cities
  • Some visual improvements such as information about missing data in case of no auction, unification of button colours throughout the page, other smaller adjustments
  • Data is refreshed with a delay of one hour from the save server. Unfortunately, the data takes a long time to collect and reprocess. We are working on speeding this up and improving the refresh schedule
  • As a reminder that this is an early test phase of the project, data missing happen. Please report all suggestions via report bug at the top of the page