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The tool that aims to make tibian life better. By analysing tons of Tibia data, we can provide you the best way for improving character skills and better leveling by suggesting most optimal place where to hunt, bosses predictions and best stats. We are using every opportunity to fetch new data and process it to show you the result in a simple and friendly form. We are constantly working on great tools, statistics and calculators.

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Created for statistics

Tibia-Statistic.com is a portal created as an idea for collecting and analyzing statistics related to tibia. We are trying to collect as much data as possible and approach it in an analytical way. We plan to create many solutions to facilitate the game, related to statistics, guides, advice on where to hunt, leading the player by the hand. We are very open to the voice of the community, so please report any suggestions related to the development of our website.

Finally meet the bosses you are looking for

Your time spent on the game can be much more efficient. Due to the analysis of statistics about the occurrence of bosses, you do not need to check all of them, but only those that have a chance to appear. By analyzing the historical data and our algorithm, we are able to roughly predict what is the chance of a given boss appearing on each world, day after day.
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Regularly updated

We are constantly developing our tools and working about new great features. We publish all changes in two-week intervals, except for bugs which we fix immediately. Each such update is published with a list of changes, so you can see what we have accomplished and what we plan to work on in the next sprint. When creating new tools, we think about them in a generic way, thanks to which we do not have to waste a lot of time adjusting to new game elements during subsequent updates.