Sprint 1# - Official release of Tibia-Statistic

2021-03-17 21:46:12

There is official start of our website. The first feature has arrived and presened to you for free. Boss Hunter app will be still updated and fine-tuned in the future. We would also like to tell you what we managed to do in the last two-week sprint.

- Possibility to create new monsters and edit/remove them in admin panel

- Asynchronous adding/edit/removing

- Add new role to account - Moderator - and creating access to create monsters and news for this role

- Fields in monster management now got attributes for required fields

- Checking if there is a duplicate in database when adding new monster

- Move logic for Boss Hunter to Monsters entities instead of old one

- Few graphics fixes (footer, monster management mode tooltips)

- Monster names in monster managemetn panel are now trimed before adding process

- Few perfomance fixes

- Displaying the Boss Hunter proposal list

- Add possibility to sort monsters on Boss Hunter list

- FIle upload protection

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