• Cool down, will you?
  • And stay cool.
  • Your cold dead body will be a marvelous ice statue.
  • Pay for your ignorance!
  • Freeze!
  • Is this all you've got?


  • melee
  • ice beam
  • self-healing


white piece of cloth, great mana potion, dragon necklace, pair of earmuffs, glacier mask, trapper lightning, boots of haste, blue gem, red piece of cloth, queen's sceptre, icy culottes, glacier robe, skull staff, gold ingot, life ring, shard, glacier kilt, gold coin, crystal sword, glacier shoes, platinum coin, mastermind potion, glacier amulet, bullseye potion, blue piece of cloth, great spirit potion, ice rapier, berserk potion, mystic turban, great health potion, crystal mace, silver raid token


Appears in Ice Witch temple.

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