• Minions! Follow my call!
  • Gaz'haragoth begins to channel DEATH AND DOOM into the area! RUN!
  • I've beaten tougher demons then you even know
  • You puny humans will be my snacks!
  • Gaz'haragoth calls down: DEATH AND DOOM!


  • haste
  • self-healing
  • death and doom
  • death explosion
  • paralyzing stung bomb
  • fire beam
  • smoke wave
  • chill out
  • melee
  • death ball


crude umbral crossbow, brown crystal splinter, crude umbral slayer, assassin star, crude umbral axe, crude umbral blade, nightmare beacon, boots of haste, crude umbral hammer, nightmare hook, dream warden mask, eye pod, life ring, magma coat, blue crystal splinter, nightmare horn, psychodelic tapestry, umbral chopper, umbral masterblade, crude umbral spellbook, infernal bolt, blue gem, great mana potion, cluster of solace, crystal coin, dream matter, phoenix charm, solitude charm, spiritual charm, twin sun charm, unity charm, demonic essence, unrealized dream, red piece of cloth, yellow piece of cloth, crystal green splinter, blue crystal shard, great spirit potion, ultimate health potion, violet crystal shard, demon horn, giant shimmering pearl, green crystal shard


Spawns as raid in the Roshamuul Prison. It fights until death.

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