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Type Public date Title Details
2021-09-25 Refreshing data fix Read more
2021-08-16 Ability to delete account and minor fixes Read more
2021-06-12 Sprint 4# - Moving to new data center Read more
2021-06-04 Fixes Read more
2021-05-04 Server maintenance Read more
2021-04-02 Minor update Read more
2021-03-29 Hotfixes Read more
2021-03-28 Sprint 2# - Adjustments in Tibia Boss Hunter and graphics fixes Read more
2021-03-28 Adjustments in TIbia boss hunter scan algorithm Read more
2021-03-19 Minor bug fix Read more
2021-03-17 Sprint 1# - Official release of Tibia-Statistic Read more
2021-02-05 2021 - What we are working on Read more
2020-12-23 Merry Christmas Read more
2020-12-03 0.1.2 November brings new news management system Read more
2020-12-01 0.1.1 First update is here! Read more