Zulazza the Corruptor



  • I'm Zulazza, and you won't forget me that fazzt.
  • Oh, HE will take revenge on zzizz azzault when you zztep in front of HIZZ fazze!
  • Zzaion is our last zztand! I will not leave wizzout a fight!
  • Behind zze Great Gate liezz your doom!


  • melee
  • poison bomb
  • cursing beam
  • mana drain bomb
  • paralyze bomb
  • poff bomb
  • groundshaker bomb
  • self-healing


great spirit potion, ultimate health potion, emerald bangle, great mana potion, mastermind shield, guardian shield, paladin armor, earthborn titan armor, yellow gem, red gem, violet gem, mastermind potion, slightly rusted armor, zaoan halberd, green gem, dragon scale boots, great health potion, giant shimmering pearl, viper star, gold ingot, platinum coin, soul orb, gold coin, tower shield


Appears in ZZaion during attack.

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