The Pale Count



  • Feel the hungry kiss of death!
  • The monsters in the mirror will come eat your dreams.
  • Your pitiful life has come to an end!
  • I will squish you like a maggot and suck you dry!
  • Yield to the inevitable!
  • Some day I shall see my beautiful face in a mirror again.


  • invisibility
  • self-healing
  • large red music ball
  • large death ball
  • summons (1 nightfiend)
  • throws knives
  • shoots sniper arrows
  • melee
  • death wave


dreaded cleaver, blue piece of cloth, red piece of cloth, vampire shield, chaos mace, bloody edge, spellbook of lost souls, vampire's signet ring, silver raid token, haunted mirror piece, vampire silk slippers, white piece of cloth, small ruby, small topaz, the vampire count's medal, ring of healing, strong mana potion, epee, vampire lord token, vampire's cape chain, vampire teeth, gold coin, platinum coin, small emerald, stealth ring, small sapphire, small diamond, black pearl, strong health potion, blue gem, blood preservation, violet gem, small amethyst


When the Pale Count spawns, the following raid message appears: The Pale Count has risen from his crypt deep under Drefia. Blood will flow.

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